Publications to date

Here are some of our publications to date:

In 2020: 6 publications

  • Authored by: Orange Olivier Sanders: "Efficient Redactable Signature and Application to Anonymous Credentials", PKC 2020
  • Authored by: IRISA, XLIM Angèle Bossuat, Xavier Bultel, Pierre-Alain Fouque, Cristina Onete, Thyla van der Merwe: Designing Reverse Firewalls for the Real world, Accepted at ESORICS 2020
  • Authored by: IRISA Sébastien Campion, Julien Devigne, Céline Duguey, Pierre-Alain Fouque: Multi-Device for Signal, Accepted at ACNS 2020
  • Authored by: Orange Rémi Clarisse, Sylvain Duquesne, Olivier Sanders: Curves with Fast Computations in the First Pairing Group, Accepted at CANS 2020
  • Authored by: Orange Rémi Clarisse,Olivier Sanders: Group Signature without Random Oracles from Randomizable Signatures, Accepted at ProvSec 2020
  • Authored by: EURECOM Giovanni Camurati, Aurélien Francillon, François-Xavier Standaert: Understanding Screaming Channels: From a detailed analysis to improved attacks, Accepted at TCHES 2020

In 2021 (so far): 3 publications

  • Authored by: Orange Olivier Sanders and Jacques Traoré: EPID with Malicious Revocation, accepted at CT-RSA 2021
  • Authored by: Orange Olivier Sanders: Improving Revocation for Group Signature with Redactable Signature, Accepted at PKC 2021
  • Authored by: Orange, XLIM, IRISA Ghada Arfaoui, Olivier Blazy, Xavier Bultel, Pierre-Alain Fouque, Thibaut Jacques, Adina Nedelcu, Cristina Onete: How to (legally) keep secrets from mobile operators, Accepted at ESORICS 2021

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