The Consortium

We will meet the ambitious goals of our project by doing top-quality research with five principal partners, each of these contributing their expertise in various domains.

XLIM/University of Limoges/CNRS 7252 -- team CRYPTIS.

The coordinating partner or our project is team CRYPTIS of the XLIM research lab in Limoges. This team is represented by a significant number of researchers, covering areas of expertise ranging from the provable security of cryptographic primitives and protocols, to applied topics in IoT security. The scientific coordinator of the MobiS5 project is Cristina Onete. She is joined in this project by team members Philippe Gaborit (leader of the CRYPTIS team), Dong-Hieu Phan, Damien Sauveron, Pierre-François Bonnefoi, Olivier Blazy, and Emmanuel Conchon.


Part of 5G-PPP, the organization that standardizes and regulates 5G technologies, Orange will be an essential actor in the development of 5G infrastructure and services. Their involvement in the project is reflected in the implication of no less than six permanent researchers in three different locations : Rennes, Caen, and Paris. The scientific leader for this partner will be Olivier Sanders (Orange Rennes). He will be joined by Ghada Arfaoui (Orange Rennes), Jacques Traoré, Sébastien Canard and Nicolas Desmoulins (Orange Caen), and Gilles Macario-Rat (Orange Paris). This partner will contribute to the design of cryptographic solutions, as well as to providing prototype implementations within and outside the scope of our use cases.

Université de Rennes 1/IRISA - team EMSEC

The scientific leader of this partner for project MobiS5 is Pierre-Alain Fouque, Professor at the Université de Rennes 1 (UR1), co-heading the research team EMSEC at the IRISA in Rennes, and member of the Institut Universitaire de France (IUF). With a background in provable security and cryptography, he also has extensive experience in automated verification and in the cryptanalysis of symmetric and public-key primitives.

He will be joined for this project by Clémentine Maurice, full-time researcher (CR2) of the CNRS, member of the EMSEC team. She specializes in side-channel analysis, reverse engineering, fingerprinting, and virtualization security.

LIMOS - Université Clermont Auvergne

At LIMOS, Pascal Lafourcade is a specialist in the use of automated verification towards proving the security of proposed cryptographic primitives. Along with provable security, the formal verification of primitives and protocols forms an essential part of our validation work in MobiS5. He is joined by Gérard Chalhoub, whose field of research includes the security of resource-constrained devices.


At EURECOM, Aurélien Francillon is an assistant professor and co-leader of the S3 group. His main speciality includes the security of embedded systems and telecom fraud. Within the scope of MobiS5 he will contribute to providing a better understanding of attacks that are feasible in the context of 5G communications, including side-channel and generic attacks.

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